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Specialist Driven

Dr.Gilda’s provides patients just what treatments they need. You can get basic treatments to advanced dental procedures done in one place by dental experts.

Infrastructure : World Class

You are assured of advanced equipment, digital diagnosis and international standards and procedures. Dr.Gilda’s constantly keeps ahead of the times in care

Superb Sterilization

All equipment is rigorously sterilized and we use disposables extensively to ensure that every procedure is highly organized to effectively control infection.


You can always call in to our office and fix an appointment to the best time of your choice. In case of emergency too you can call for special appointments.

Well Designed

Dr.Gilda’s ergonomically designed seating means that you are seated in comfort without straining your back or neck during procedures that take a long time.


At Dr.Gilda’s, all Dental care procedure performed are as per global treatment standards set by senior, skilful and experienced practitioners in the field.

Dr.Gilda’s Multi-Specialty Dental Clinic keeps abreast of ever evolving advancements in dental health care. We give special emphasis on superior dental aesthetics and painless procedures done by skilled
doctors with long experience in the field.

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